Spanish Food Recipes
and Spanish Tapas Recipes

Spanish food recipes include a few types of Spanish tapas recipes which are basically Spanish appetizers.

Spanish tapas recipes are usually the size of your typical appetizer in the USA that you order before your main course.

These tiny Spanish food recipes are usually eaten in between the larger meals in Spain.  However, you can also replace a larger meal with a few Spanish tapas recipes. 

Mini Spanish food recipes can be as simple as a plate of olives.

When it's "siesta" time in Spain or lunch time, you would order more traditional Spanish recipes such as the famous Paella dish which is cooked with the most expensive spice in the world.

Spanish Tapas Recipes

Tapa is pronounced TAHpah and there are literally hundreds of different types of tapas for you to make.

Spanish tapas are considered more of a light snack and will consist of an assortment of appetizer-sized portions of Spanish food recipes.


Tapas are part of the tradition of stimulating the appetite with friends while drinking.  And tapas help to combat the effects of alcohol.

Tapas are served on little plates and these mini meals can be served either hot or cold.

Common foods used to make tapas are olives, cheese, eggs. seafood, vegetables, and cured sausages.

Stunningly Sexy Spanish Tapas Recipes

Ceviche Recipes - raw seafood marinated in fresh squeezed citrus juice will stimulate your taste buds.

Spanish Stuffed Peppers Recipe - Spanish peppers stuffed with a creamy cheese or a spicy meat filling.

The Spanish Diet

Spanish food recipes have many cultural influences because of Spain's location and history with other cultures.

The Spanish diet is fairly simple and Spaniards use a lot of fresh ingredients in their recipes.

And next to the Japanese people, Spanish people probably consume the most fish and seafood.

Lunch is their largest meal of the day and is an elaborate affair usually between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 pm. 

And dinner is eaten much later at night in Spain - around 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.  Dinner is also much lighter and may only consist of a few Spanish tapas recipes.

The Spanish people enjoy a good amount of eggs which are typically made into an omelete. And cured ham such as chorizo also seems to be a very popular food item in Spain.

Spaniards also enjoy eating rabbit, chicken, Spanish cheese, some red meats, bread, chocolate, Spanish rice, fruit, honey, Spanish olive oil, almonds, many vegetables, and love to wash it all down with Spanish wine.

Traditional Spanish Recipes

Spanish Omelet - one of the most common dishes served in Spain and its Spain's version of a tortilla - it's also a very popular tapa item.

Spanish Rice Recipes - shows you how to make the savory and most popular Spanish rice dish - Paella.

Paella consists of a variety of seafood or meats along with tomatoes, vegetables, saffron, and Spanish rice.

You can even learn to make a lower carb version of this Spanish icon.

Gazpacho Recipes - a chilled soup usually made from a base of raw tomatoes that is very popular during the hot summer months in Spain. 

Fresh cucumbers can be used as an alternative base to create another type of refreshing gazpacho recipe.

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