The Spelt Grain and Spelt Gluten

The spelt grain may be the answer to your prayers if you're having a problem digesting the "common" wheat gluten.

That's because spelt gluten is easier to digest!

What is Spelt?  Spelt is one of the Ancient grains that is related to the more common and modern-day wheat grain. 

And these days, spelt is gaining in popularity over this type of wheat.

Spelt also has a nutty flavor, is high in protein, and has an impressive nutritional content. 

The spelt grain is similar in appearance to the modern day wheat grain, but it has a tougher husk which helps to protect its nutrients. 

Therefore, it won't need to be sprayed with as many pesticides. 

The spelt gluten appears to be much easier on the body than the modern day wheat gluten because it belongs to Ancient grains and is not part of the modern GMO grains.

The Spelt Grain Health Benefits

  • Ancient grain that has a strong outer hull that protects it from pollutants, insects, and fungi diseases. 
  • Because of its tough outer hull spelt can be grown without pesticides.
  • Spelt has retained many of its original traits and remains highly nutritious.
  • Spelt carbohydrates have special blood clotting properties.
  • Spelt has a positive effect on the mind.
  • Contains both simple as well as complex carbohydrates.
  • Spelt is rich in B vitamins as well as vitamin E.
  • Good source of minerals such as magnesium and potassium
  • Spelt is also a very good source of manganese and copper.
  • Has higher levels of L-tryptophan needed for the production of serotonin.

Spelt Gluten is Different

Gliadin is one of the main allergenic proteins found in gluten.

Studies have shown that gliadin differences do exist between spelt gluten and modern-day wheat gluten.  

Spelt gluten appears to be more digestible than modern day wheat's gluten.

Some people who are sensitive to common wheat may not have the same reaction to spelt.  That's most likely if they prepare or consume soaked and fermented spelt.

Spelt gluten is less offensive and spelt has a high water solubility which allows nutrients to be more easily absorbed by your body. 

However, this grain is still not recommended if you have a severe reaction to gluten.

The spelt grain can sometimes be found in grocery stores along side the more common wheat grain.  I do think it is less allergenic than modern day wheat and it tastes better to me. 

The spelt grain also belongs to the Ancient grains, so it's more nutritious and hardier. 

Modern Day Wheat

There are a lot of scary stories about how modern day wheat is now a GMO food!

Which would explain some of the gluten allergy problems modern day wheat has probably created.

Not to mention that modern day wheat is being heavily sprayed with toxic herbicides.  Before and after harvest!

So you may want to give an Ancient grain like spelt a try to see if your body will have a better reaction to the spelt gluten.

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