Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe
and Cauliflower Maki Roll Sushi

A spicy tuna roll recipe can be made with the various types of tuna and a spicy sauce.

Making a maki roll usually involves sushi rice, Nori seaweed, and your favorite types of ingredients.  

For a change, you could choose to leave out the sushi rice and make a cauliflower maki roll instead.  It's another great alternative to sushi making and it's lower in carbohydrates.

Types of Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna - also known as Ahi and can grow close to 300 pounds. It is a very popular choice for sashimi and sushi as well.

Albacore Tuna - a smaller tuna species which has a lighter flesh than most tuna and is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Skipjack Tuna - one of the smallest tuna and is known as Aku in Hawaii. Dried Skipjack is commonly used to make dashi in Japanese cooking.

Bluefin Tuna - the largest and long lived of the tuna family. Unfortunately, this tuna has faced over fishing due to being a sport fish and being prized for making sushi and sashimi.

Bigeye Tuna - can grow to approx. 400 pounds and is known for its big eyes. It is also called Ahi and is sought after for its great tasting red flesh. This tuna may be making a comeback after being over fished in the past.

Basic Spicy Tuna Sauce

Mayonnaise and your favorite hot sauce - that's it!

This is a very basic spicy tuna sauce and is one of my favorites because I was brought up to love mayonnaise. 

Of course, I'll only eat "oil-approved" mayonnaise these days.

Fortunately, I can find a pretty good Paleo mayonnaise at the grocery store made with avocado oil.

Canned Tuna Maki Roll Sushi

If you don't want to use raw fish, you can use canned tuna instead to make your spicy tuna maki roll.

That's the way my mother makes her sushi along with using bright colored ingredients such as carrots and paprika.

Spicy Tuna Salmon Sushi roll

This guy is a Master at making some of the most beautiful and eloquent sushi that I've ever seen! 

This spicy tuna roll recipe is also a lower in carbs sushi roll because of the small amount of sushi rice used in this recipe.

Low Carb Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe

As you can see, making a cauliflower maki roll can be a fun change and can eliminate a lot of the sugar from your sushi experience.

You could also lightly steam your vegetables before using them in this maki roll - to make them more digestible as well as change their texture.

And I prefer to use raw unpasteurized soy sauce with my maki rolls for its health benefits.

For some reason it is very hard to find raw unpasteurized soy sauce. The only place I've really been able to find this type of soy sauce is in health food stores.

Although, you could probably find this one online and have it shipped to your door.


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