Types of Goats
for Diary Goats

Usually the best types of goats for dairy goats are Swiss dairy goats such as the Toggenburg Goats and Saanen Goats.

However, the LaMancha goat is an excellent Non-Swiss dairy goat breed.

Toggenburg goats seem to prefer cooler climates and even though Saanen goats are more of a cooler climate goat they can adjust to most climates.

The LaMancha goat as well as the Alpine goats are known to be able to adapt to a number of climates - because of their hardy natures.

If you're looking for types of goats that produce milk as well as goat meat, then consider Nubian goats.

Oberhasli goats have a sweeter tasting milk and the Nigerian Dwarf goats can make great pets as well as supply you with an ample amount of creamy goat milk.

What's the Best Dairy Goat for You?

The LaMancha Goat

The LaMancha goat is a medium sized goat with short hair. This goat has an obscure history and may go as far back as Ancient Persia.

However, it is actually considered to be an American breed of goat.  The LaMancha Goat has a good to high milk production with a high butterfat content.

These types of goats have an excellent dairy temperament. It is also a calm and sturdy breed of goat.

The LaMancha goat is noted for a lack of external ears or for very small ears. It makes a good 4H goat because of its gentle & quiet nature.

This goat comes in many colors and can adapt to a number of different climates.

Alpine Goats

The Alpine goat is a medium to large sized goat and is generally a short haired goat.

This goat originates from the Alps and is known for its great milk production. Alpines are commonly used commercially.

And the milk of the Alpine goats has a high butterfat content.

This goat has a good temperament and good sense of balance. It is a hardy and adaptable goat that can thrive in any climate.

Alpine goats can come in any color or any combination of colors.

Toggenburg Goats

Toggenburg goats are a medium sized goat and come with short to medium silky hair.

This goat originates from Switzerland and is considered the oldest known dairy goat breed.

Toggenburg goats are known for their high milk production with an average amount of butterfat content.

This goat is a sturdy and robust goat which does best in cooler climates.

A Toggenburg is an alert and independent goat breed. It ranges from a light to dark brown color with distinct white markings.

Saanen Goats

Saanen goats are a medium to large sized goat and is the largest of the dairy goat breeds.

These goats generally have short fine hair, but medium length hair can also be found with this goat.

Saanen goats originate from Switzerland and is known for producing the most milk with a lower butterfat content.

This goat holds the record in milk production and is commonly used for commercial milk production.

Saanens are known for being a calm and mild mannered goat. They are capable of adapting to most climates, but do better in cooler climates.

These goats are found in a white to cream color.

Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli goats are a medium sized goat breed and are generally a short haired goat.

This goat originates from Switzerland and is a very old breed.

Oberhasli goats have high milk production abilities and milk with a decent butterfat content.

These goats have a more sweet tasting milk that's similar to cow's milk - this milk has less of a "goaty" flavor.

Oberhasli goats have a quiet and sweet natured temperament. It is also a hardy and thrifty goat that doesn't mind the cold weather.

They are known for their warm reddish brown color with black markings - you can also find an occasional black Oberhasli.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats vs. Pygmy Goats

Nigerian dwarf goats and pygmy goats are a miniature or small dairy goat breed.

However, Nigerian goats are the better dairy goat as pygmy goats have smaller teats and udders.

For its size, the Nigerian dwarf goats produce a fairly high amount of goat milk with a very high butterfat content - about 2 quarts per day.

This goat is breed year-round and has a lovable gentle nature. Nigerian dwarf goats are easy to maintain and easily trained.

They can make great pets and come in many colors as well as patterns.   Typically this goat has short to medium hair and has a West African origin.

Nubian Goats

Nubian goats are a large goat breed that is considered a dual or multi-purpose goat.

This goat originates from England and may be the most popular goat breed in America.

Nubian goats are typically a short haired goat. Their milk is known for its high quality and high butterfat content

However, these types of goats produce less milk than many other dairy goats.

Nubian goats are a more fleshy goat than most other dairy goats and that is why they are also used for meat.

These goats are highly intelligent and somewhat of a vocal goat. They can have a strong personality and are known to be somewhat stubborn.

Nubian goats can withstand hot climates and they are distinguished by their long ears and roman style nose.

They come in various colors as well as markings.

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