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Unpasteurized Cheese Benefits

One unpasteurized cheese benefit will be that it is more digestible than eating pasteurized cheese.  Unpasteurized cheese or raw cheese also imparts a different flavor than cheese made from pasteurized milk.

And raw cheese can be made from the raw milk of cows, sheep, and goats. 

Also, raw grass-fed cheese will offer you much more nutrition and health benefits than grain-fed cheese.  And raw cheese that is from 100% grass fed cows is also safer to eat than cheese from factory farmed cows.

Reasons to Eat Raw Cheese

Rich in colloidal minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria.  Contains the enzyme phosphatase that allows the body to absorb the calcium from milk.

Heating milk destroys the ability of the body to absorb many of the vital nutrients found in milk.  Raw cheese has a much better flavor and texture.

And if you are as lucky as me, you will one day work at or find a place that offers many different types of unpasteurized cheese.

Reasons to Eat Raw Grass-Fed Cheese

  • Higher amounts of Vitamins A, D, K2, and E
  • Very high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - A very important nutrient
  • Contains a much better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Cheese from grain-fed cows is higher in omega-6 fatty acids

Safety Concerns of Unpasteurized Cheese

Some people are concerned about the safety of eating raw cheese.  However, pasteurization is only one part of infection control. 

A dairy which is kept clean and sterile will produce healthy milk as well as healthy raw cheese.  And a reputable dairy is delighted to show guests around their facility, demonstrating the steps taken to reduce the risk of bacterially contaminated milk.

Also, as cheese ages - it becomes more acidic and is "safer" to eat.  Most raw cheese is aged for at least 60 days.

How to Find Raw Cheese

My affiliate US Wellness Meats offers a good variety of raw Amish cheese.  They even offer a raw unsalted cheese which is very hard to find - by the way.  Check out a few of the types of raw grass-fed cheese they offer below......and be sure to mention that you want your cheese delivered unfrozen!

Raw Grass-Fed UNSALTED Cheddar Cheese

Raw Grass-Fed Monterey Jack Cheese

Raw Grass-Fed Havarti Cheese

Raw Grass-Fed Cheddar Cheese

Just click on the picture of any of these raw cheeses to view.

Most health food stores and Co-ops usually carry some type of raw cheese.  You will usually find different varieties of cheese such as mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, jack cheese, etc.  However, you should look into each company to see if their cheese is indeed raw, as some may not be as raw as you might think.

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