Wild Caught Seafood
and Wild Caught Shrimp

Wild Caught Seafood like wild caught shrimp just tastes better than farmed shrimp and has more Omega 3's.

And wild caught shrimp like the wild pink shrimp from Oregon is harvested in a sustainable way as well.

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Wild Pink Shrimp

US Wellness Meats is pleased to offer Wild Caught Oregon Pink Shrimp.

This new selection is wild caught off the coast of Oregon State and is Certified Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Wild Caught Shrimp are fully cooked and ready to thaw and eat. Available in 2 lb, resealable bags.

Wild Pink Shrimp

250 - 300 per pound & shelled/cooked

Wild-Caught Raw Shrimp

Our original wild-caught raw shrimp are a staple in kitchens all over the country. *Due to the worldwide shrimp shortage, we are now sourcing wild-caught chemical free brown shrimp.*

White shrimp are near impossible to source.

We have taste-tested the brown shrimp in our kitchen, and could not honestly tell a difference between the two.

The wild-caught brown shrimp have excellent flavor as well as the same plump size as our white shrimp.

Sustainably harvested, chemical free, wild caught shrimp are ready for your favorite shrimp recipe.

wild caught shrimp

This is a wonderful product that is hand sorted and flash frozen rapidly after harvest.

This rush to the flash freezer separates this product from many others. The shrimp are harvested from the Pacific Ocean and are processed in the United States.

2 lb packages contain 32-40 raw, peeled and deveined tail-on shrimp.

Alaskan Red King Crab Claws

The choicest parts of the finest Red King Crab available! 

Low in fat, high in protein, and absolutely delicious. 

Our King crab is of premium quality and sustainably harvested.

Jumbo claw sections are fully cooked and pre-scored, so extracting the crab meat is a snap.

Just thaw and serve, or steam lightly to warm.

Each bag contains about 22 ounces of claws with a length of attached arm, including shell (approximately 2-3 claw arms - depending on weight).

Alaskan Scallops

They are here! Alaskan Weathervane Scallops are a rare delicacy and are certified sustainable by the State of Alaska.

These are hand-shucked and individually quick-frozen right from the cold waters off of Kodiak Island, AK.

Each resealable package weighs 1 pound on average and will contain between 15-20 scallops.

Alaskan scallops

Scallops should be kept frozen, and can easily be thawed in the refrigerator. We recommend a quick rinse in cold water before cooking.

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Wild caught comes to you in the way that nature has intended and with all the nutrients that exist in the "Wild".

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