Healthy Chocolate Bars

Healthy chocolate bars are made from the finest ingredients and do not include any unnecessary fillers.

You can even melt down one of the dark chocolate bars with the white chocolate bar to come up with yet another healthy chocolate bar.  Or dip some juicy strawberries into some melted chocolate for a delicious dessert.

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70% Dark Chocolate Bar

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70% San Jose Del Tambo Chocolate Bar 85 gram bar

US Wellness is very excited to launch a new line of Dark Chocolate Bars from another Missouri based company - Askinosie Chocolate.  Their founder has traveled the world and brought back the richest and best dark chocolate he could find.  The 70% cocoa content combined with the deep, sharp chocolate flavor makes the San Jose Del Tambo a deliciously, healthy snack! 

They start with raw cocoa beans raised organically by small farmers in San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador, the final product is gluten-free and has not been through the dutching process.

70% cocoa beans (includes 2% cocoa butter made from same beans), 30% organic cane juice

"I've never been one to eat "plain" chocolate bars. They were too boring, but when a previous order I placed with you guys didn't quite come up to the required weight I decided to give the dark chocolate one a try. NOW I'M HOOKED!!! Every time I've "taken a chance" and ordered something from you guys I've never been disappointed. Whether it's meat, soap, honey, or more, I've always been well pleased. You guys certainly live up to the Missouri State Motto." ~Renee, Ballwin

72% Dark Chocolate Bar

72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar 85 gram bar

The Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar has a slightly higher cocoa content than the Del Tambo, and has a smooth, rich chocolate flavor.  This cocoa originates from small farms in Tenende, Tanzania.  The farmers there are not certified organic, but all of the cocoa plants are raised organically, and all of the bars start with raw cocoa beans that have never been through the dutching process. 

The 72% cocoa includes 3% cocoa butter (made from same beans) and 28% organic cane juice.

White Chocolate Bar

The Davao White Chocolate bar has a rich, creamy light chocolate flavor that passed all US Wellness taste tests with flying colors!  It originates from Davao, Philippines beans, which are pressed in the Askinosie shop in local Springfield, MO.  They are the only small-batch chocolate maker in North America that is making white chocolate from bean-to-bar.  They start with organically raised cocoa beans and press them to end up with a winning combination of 34% cocoa butter mixed with grass-fed goat's milk powder and organic cane juice.  One bite and you will be hooked!

Ingredients: Organic Cane Juice, Cocoa Butter (made from Davao beans), Goat's Milk Powder (grass-fed)

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