Healthy Chocolates

Healthy chocolates contain the highest antioxidant level and can be used to make chocolate specialties.  

Make your own "superfood" healthy chocolates and add in whatever suits your fancy.  Throw in some maca root or reishi mushroom into your chocolate candies - for example. 

You could also use fancy molds and make beautiful looking healthy chocolates for that special holiday.

How to Make Chocolate

You'll want to use properly fermented cacao beans (which helps to remove anti-nutrients like phytic acid).

You'll also want cacao beans that have been sun dried for a few days.

You'll also want to roast your cacao beans for at least 15 minutes at 250 degrees F to bring out the flavor of your chocolate.

Also, this step helps to crack the shell of the bean which needs to be removed before making healthy chocolates.

You can either peel away the shells or put them in a bag and whack them with a rolling pin to speed up the process. 

Then winnow them with a blow dryer to separate the nibs from the shells - outside!

You can buy shelled chocolate nibs from most health food stores.

You would put the chocolate nibs into a spice blender or food processor to break up the chocolate nibs into a cacao powder.  Eventually, the nibs will turn into a cacao paste.

You can add finely ground sugar and a little bit of cacao butter shavings to make your chocolate smoother. 

The cacao paste (when blended long enough) will eventually turn into a chocolate liquor.  The chocolate liquor is then "conched" to drive off acidic flavor compounds.

Most people use an electric stone grinder for this lengthy process.  Or you can use an old fashioned stone mortar and pestle.  The longer you stone grind your chocolate, the better your chocolate will taste.

Tempering Chocolate for Healthy Chocolates

Tempering is kind of an optional step when making chocolates  There are a few ways to temper which re-establishes cacao butter crystals.

This helps to give chocolate more shine and structure which is helpful when making chocolates.

After this step, the chocolate can be poured into molds until hardened.

Make Tasty Chocolate Specialties

chocolate smoothie

You can use healthy chocolates in your homemade chocolate specialties or use it to make a decadent smoothie.

If you need some inspiration and your looking for ideas on how to make a great smoothie, check out Chocolate Smoothie Recipe.

I have to say that a great chocolate bar is one of my favorite treats and it's so easy to make healthy chocolates when you have some cacao beans or cacao nibs on hand.

Chocolate Quiz

What Helps?

  • Repair Damage caused by Free Radicals
  • Reduces Blood Clotting
  • Improves Circulation
  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  • Reduces Risk of Stroke & Heart Attacks

Chocolate quiz answer:  Healthy Chocolates can Help!

You can also use healthy chocolates to make chocolate cakes, chocolate frosting, chocolate ice cream, chocolate shakes, chocolate fudge, hot chocolate, and whatever else you can think up in your mind!

To find the best quality cacao, I would visit my nearest health food store.  Look for organic or "raw" cacao nibs or beans.

Be sure that you roast your cacao nibs or beans at a low temperature to preserve their nutrients before turning them into chocolate.

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