Healthy Grocery Shopping Online
& Gourmet Grocery Store

Healthy grocery shopping made easy online! 

I was inspired to create this healthy grocery shopping store from a previous job that involved selling gourmet groceries

These are some of the gourmet grocery store items that you will have a hard time finding in a "regular" grocery store. 

Fortunately, healthy grocery shopping can be easily done online these days. 

You'll be able to find gourmet grocery store items like grass fed animal foods and traditional foods like bone marrow broth.

How to Purchase Healthy Gourmet Groceries

1.  Click on the Picture you are interested in purchasing or wish to see the description & pricing.

2.  Add your purchase to the shopping cart - if you so desire. 

Checkout will be at US Wellness Meats

3. Navigate back to my page or stay at US Wellness Meats to view all of their fine products.

Traditional Gourmet Foods

Beef Marrow Bones

Beef Marrow Bone Broth

Beef Tallow

Grass fed beef marrow bones make a nutrient dense bone broth.  Order a ready-made bone broth or just make your own. 

Good old fashioned grass-fed beef tallow is a healthy fat to cook with - especially when your making homemade french fries.

Ready-made chicken stock is a great way to make your homemade chicken soups. 

This stock comes from the bones of free range and Non-GMO chickens.

Beef Bologna - Nitrate Free


Beef Head Cheese

Beef Braunschweiger

Old fashioned bologna made from grass-fed beef that comes without all the preservatives and additives. 

These grass-fed sausages can be a great item to include in your healthy grocery shopping cart to get more nutrient dense grass fed organ meats into your diet without the nasty preservatives.

Gourmet Comfort Meats

Pork Shoulder (Butt) Roast

My mother would wrap a pork butt roast with ti leaves and stick it in the oven

Make your own version of Kalua Pig (a popular luau food in Hawaii) and boy is it delicious!

Grass-Fed Corned Beef Brisket

These meats are perfect to add to your healthy grocery shopping cart. 

Make crock pot meals or comfort foods - corned beef and cabbage anyone?

Gourmet Grass Fed Cheese

Raw Unsalted Cheddar

Raw Baby Swiss 

Raw Mozzarella Cheese

Raw Jalapeno Cheddar

Raw unsalted cheddar cheese is something we include in our shopping cart. 

This raw milk cheese is made from grass-fed dairy cows. 

Wild Caught Seafood

Wild Caught Shrimp

Add wild caught seafood to your healthy grocery shopping cart to make a shrimp scampi.

This wild caught shrimp is sustainably harvested wild brown shrimp - that is chemical free. 

Wild Alaskan Halibut

There is nothing like wild caught seafood that is sustainably harvested from the sea to have for dinner.

Try Wild Alaskan Halibut for dinner for a nice change.

Gourmet Grocery Store Treats

 Sunny Acres Raw Honey

Grocery shopping would not be complete without a jar of raw unheated honey.

Raw honey is the healthiest sweetener on earth.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Bar (72%)

Handcrafted chocolate made from cocoa that's sourced from small farms in Tenende Tanzania.

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