Primal Diet

by Jim

I received a phone call from a long time friend raving about We Want To Live. The same day my wife received a call from someone she had become acquainted with because they went to the same hospitals trying to get 'cured'. This lady was raving too. So we got the book. We also went to a Primal Diet potluck, where I was a bit afraid to take the first bite of a raw meat dish; I soon found out it tasted just fine, digested just fine and was no big deal.

The thing that bothered me most before starting on the Primal Diet was being tired all the time. I even fell asleep a few times at work; I would get off work at 5 PM, drive around the corner and go to sleep right away in my car.

I still need good sleep but on the Primal Diet I sleep much more soundly so when I am awake, I am really awake. I still like a nap about 5 PM but then go strong for another 7 hours or so.

Plus I now LOVE the Primal Diet. My wife makes the most excellent sauces and pates and even pesto so every meal is definitely appealing.

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