Raw Food Snacks

Raw food snacks online will save you some precious time and maybe even some money. 

Especially if you are looking for a "rare find" like raw unsalted grass-fed cheese

Your body does need a certain amount of raw foods every day!

How to Purchase Raw Food Snacks

1.  Click on the Picture you are interested in purchasing or wish to see the description & pricing.

2.  Add your purchase to the shopping cart - if you so desire. 

Checkout will be at US Wellness Meats

3. Navigate back to my page or stay at US Wellness Meats to view all of their fine products.

Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Raw Unsalted Cheddar

Raw Mild Cheddar Cheese

Raw Sharp Cheddar

Raw Mozzarella Cheese

Raw Baby Swiss

Raw Monterey Jack

Raw Colby Cheese

Raw Farmers Cheese

Raw Gouda Cheese

Raw Jalapeno Cheese

Shipping Advice:  Raw cheese is shipped fresh via FedEx Ground or Express.

Mention that you want your raw cheese packed in a way so it arrives "raw" and not frozen.

They are very accommodating!

Raw Honey

Unheated honey from Sunny Acres Honey Farm is now available.

Raw honey has long been used to heal wounds or as a preservative because of its antibacterial properties. 

Did you know that Egyptians farmed honey 3,000 years ago?

True raw honey will crystallize while heated honey will remain in a liquid state and lose the health benefits of raw honey.

Raw Pet Food

Pet Burger

Pet burger is a mixture of raw lean ground beef, raw beef liver, and raw beef heart. 

Your pets will love this combination.

Pastured Ground Turkey

Or you can make your own variation of this grass-fed pet burger.

Just combine ground meat with grass fed organ meats of your choice.

Free Range Chicken Wings

Grass Fed Lamb Spare Ribs

Fury pets just love chewing on a bone and the only bone you should be giving your pet is a raw bone.

Be sure to give the appropriately sized bone to your dog or cat.

Raw meat and bones are shipped frozen. 

They are vacuum packed in state-of-the-art cryovac vacuum packaging which helps to extend shelf life.

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