Healthy Foods
"Make a Better Choice!"

Healthy foods is what makes a healthy diet!  Are you looking for healthy nutritious snack foods or the most nutritious healthy foods for you and your loving family?  And that includes your dog, cat, and backyard farm animals!

Then this is your lucky day!  This website will give you some of the most inspiring and esoteric Ideas for healthy eating.  I've learned through trial and error that creating a healthy diet is quite a bit more than just watching your calories or macros. 

This website was put together with "literally" decades of personal observance and experience.  And I've found that making a better choice is a path worth taking!!!

What Makes a Healthy Diet?

Have you been searching for the ultimate in healthy foods?

My name is Kathryn and I was raised in Hawaii, but now reside on the mainland.   I have studied nutrition for over 30+ years (I'm 57) and I have tried just about every type of Diet.......

I have to admit that I played around with the Ketogenic diet and did find it very useful for at least a short period. 

There's a Time and A Place!

  • The Vegetarian Diet
  • The Atkins Low Carb Diet
  • The Fruitarian Diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • The Primal/Raw Omnivore Diet

However, do you put the cart before the horse? 

In other words, is the nutritional value of a food and its "qualities" more important to providing your body with true energy than a Ketogenic Diet? 

I say, "Nutrition Should be First!"

This website contains tons of recipes and basic dietary information for just about any "body"!

The most important lesson that I've learned on this journey is that what you put into your body does matter - literally.

"What you put into your body will affect it from the thoughts you think to the way you feel".

Journey with me into the World of Healthy Foods.  It's a destination that will open you up to discovering many possibilities about life, true energy, and great food.

Food has been my Passion and Understanding just how Important it is to my Sanity....."The Lesson"

Truthfully, I think that a combination of a low glycemic diet along with plenty of nourishing foods like raw grass fed dairy and other raw animal foods may be a very powerful combination. 

Some of these nourishing foods and lower in carb recipes can be found by checking out the diet I created called the Oneness Raw Food Diet.

Read about the foods that contain a very special and spiritual nutrient in my Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter

Back-Issue #35 The "God Nutrient"

Healthy Foods for a "Balanced" Diet

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet with Healthy Nutritious Foods that delivers nutrition that your body can recognize and utilize is.......
"What makes a Healthy Diet!"

For example, most people don't consume enough healthy foods that contain an adequate amount of omega 3 these days - for one reason or another.  Sources of omega 3 play a very important role to help keep our bodies working properly and free of inflammation.

Consuming more Omega 3 will be the answer to balancing the extreme overabundance of omega 6 in our modern day diets. 

The Basic Dietary Laws......

This site presents you some Healthy Eating Guidelines and the basic dietary laws

This site will also present the best of the plant foods and the best of the animal foods

And I will discuss what I consider to be the most important health issues as I've experienced them in the last 30+ years.

Learn the basics of a healthy food choice and then decide what is the best way for you to eat. 

Needs change as we change and there is not one way of eating that is totally correct. 

The Best Diet is the one that makes you feel good inside and brings you a sense of Oneness or Happiness.

I tend to write my newsletters when I'm inspired to write one, so you never know when the next one will come out. 

Therefore, if you subscribe to my free newsletter, you won't miss out.

If there are any issues, please contact Kathryn using the contact page for Destination Healthy Foods.

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