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Healthy Foods
"Make a Better Choice!"

Healthy foods is what makes a healthy diet! 

Are you looking for healthy nutritious snack foods or the most nutritious healthy foods for you and your loving family? 

And that includes your dog, cat, and backyard farm animals!  Then this is your lucky day! 

This website will give you some of the most inspiring and esoteric Ideas for healthy eating. 

I've learned through trial and error that creating a healthy diet is quite a bit more than just watching your calories or macros.

This website was put together with "literally" decades of personal observance and experience.  And I've found that making a better choice is a path worth taking!!!

Include in Your
Daily Healthy Eating Plan

Enzyme Rich Foods

Enzymes found in healthy foods altered by too much heat are no longer able to be used.

Enzymes exposed to temps above 116 - 118 degrees F. will start to rapidly break down.

The X-Factor

Healthy foods like raw butter from grass-fed cows that contain the X-factor helps prevent tooth decay.

Healthy saturated fats provide this vitamin that has gone "missing" in most people's diet.

Sulfur Rich Foods

Sulfur has been known for its healing abilities since ancient times. 

A sulfur deficiency is going to be a big threat to people who do not consume any animal foods. 

Potassium Rich Foods

A potassium deficiency will negatively affect metabolism.

Potassium helps to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.  And potassium helps to make protein from amino acids. 

Searching for the ultimate in healthy foods?

My name is Kathryn Barry and I was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

I live on a farm right now in order to learn more about healthy foods.

I have studied nutrition for over 30+ years (I'm 58 now) and I have tried just about every type of Diet.......

  • The Vegetarian Diet
  • The Atkins Low Carb Diet
  • The Fruitarian Diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • The Primal/Raw Omnivore Diet

I have to admit that I played around with the Ketogenic diet and did find it very useful for at least a short period. 

There's a Time and A Place!

However, do you put the cart before the horse? 

In other words, is the nutritional value of a food and its "qualities" more important to true energy and health?

Than following a Ketogenic Diet? 

I say, "Nutrition Should be First!" 

However, a lower carb or a Low Glycemic Diet is very effective for controlling hunger and weight loss.

Just be sure that you lower the amount of anti-nutrients and food toxins in your diet to stay healthy.

The most important lesson that I've learned on this journey is that what you put into your body really does matter - literally.

Healthy bodies are created by consuming bio-available nutrients and non-denatured healthy foods.  Check out the diet I created to get some ideas - Oneness Raw Food Diet.

Healthy Foods
for a Balanced Healthy Diet

Omega 3 Foods

The typical American diet contains 20 times more Omega 6 than Omega 3 fatty acids for a horrible ratio of 20 to 1.

Most people don't consume enough healthy foods that have omega 3 for one reason or another.

Super Foods

Real super foods contain potent substances that can literally transform your health!

Some contain the most powerful antioxidants and vitamins.

Super foods can be used as superfood supplements!!

Alkaline Foods

Some say that your diet should be composed primarily of fruits and vegetables for the proper pH balance.

However, there are healthy foods that may be a better choice because they provide healthy fats and proteins.

Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium helps to balance out any excess calcium that you consume. 

Magnesium plays a major role in the health of your heart.  And helps to prevent muscle spasms!

"What you put into your body will affect it from the thoughts you think to the way you feel".

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet with Healthy Nutritious Foods that delivers nutrition that your body can recognize and utilize is.......
"What makes a Healthy Diet!"

Journey with me into the World of Healthy Foods.  It's a destination that will open you up to discovering many possibilities about life, true energy, and great food.

The Basic Dietary Laws......

This site presents you some Healthy Eating Guidelines and the basic dietary laws

This site will also present the best of the plant foods and the best of the animal foods

And I will discuss what I consider to be the most important health issues as I've experienced them in the last 30+ years. 

I go into more detail in my healthy food lover's newsletters that I've written.

The Right Emotion Equals Health

True health is actually more about holding a certain vibration or the emotion of love.  This is more important than any diet or popular health trend.

If you're hating on a particular group like the vegans or the meat eaters, than you'll need an emotional tweek in the right direction.

Always Stay Connected to Love!

The purpose of this website is to help bring you back to a state of innocence like you see in very young children, your pets, or in a beautiful beast like a horse. 

Sometimes you will need a certain animal food and sometimes a certain plant food will help to raise your vibration.

If you want the magic to come back into your life, you will have to learn how to feel good again!

And of course, there are better choices when it comes to any food.

Learn the basics of a healthy food choice and then decide what is the best way for you to eat. 

Needs change as we change and there is not one way of eating that is totally correct. 

The best diet is the one that makes you feel good inside and brings you a sense of Oneness or Happiness.

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